Life of a crafter

Happy Thursday everyone! Thank you for stopping by for a little chat... I have been a crafter, designer for more years than I could possibly count. As my kids would say since dirt was invented. haha But the truth is it is a passion of mine and I love to see the express on someone's face when they receive something that was handcrafted for them.
A little about myself, my name is Diana and I am a Daughter, Wife, Mom, and a Grandma to which I enjoy and cherish each of these roles. My Dad left us and went to Heaven in 2017. Which put a huge hole in my heart as he was a very special man. He had his moments and wasn't a saint but he always had room in his heart and life for those around him. One thing he taught me was that no matter what God loves me and he created me unique ( as many would say the world couldn’t handle two of me !) and that it was my responsibility to always let others know to embrace their uniqueness and be proud of who God had created. My Mom has a very caring heart and a passion for others so as they say that helped mold me into who I am today. Well that’s a little snippet more to come later. Until we chat again .... Make some great memories!
Ps Don’t forget to check out the Floating Ornament. Maybe you have someone you would like to remember in a special way....